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welcome to

the ColorFlyte Shrine!


Calling all fans of Branchell ColorFlyte dinnerware

 Well, How Do, Melmaniacs!!

This page is still under development.  The idea

is eventually to establish a place where people can find out

all they want to know about the history, design,

and philosophy of ColorFlyte.

Which may not be much, but hey!

Click here for a bit of ColorFlyte history!

Ideas, pictures, comments, etc. welcome!!!!!

 Thanks to the messages pouring in from melmaniacs
worldwide, we're constantly updating these pages.
No, really; it's been a deluge.



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"let's see some I.D., eh?

A rare photograph of Sgt. Preston, R.C.M.P., standing guard during Night Watch
duty at the Melmac Repository.  In a rare interview, the Sergeant was quoted as
saying that he had just chased away a couple of suspicious-looking Action Figures.

  mist grey salad set
Mahalo: photo by Vinped

What's that you say, friend?  You can't get enough melmac?
Tough break pal... have you tried:
Kitchy Koo Collectibles?

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